The big Canterbury earthquake that started the whole earthquake swarm we had for many months, shook as all awake one September morning in 2010. It was very soon discovered that Victoria had “sprung a leak”! Our sailing water was gone. Just a shallow muddy puddle left. The first 7 photos show the state of the lake in October 2010, the next three show some of the work done in June of 2011 to restore the lake bed. These photos largely supplied by Peter Woodrow.

The next lot of photos (by Thysje Arthur), were taken at the club’s AGM in August 2011. I think it was the busiest day the clubhouse had seen all year. A few were taken of the lake repair work at that time – a major undertaking.

Fortunately for the club we had a second sailing venue. The Groynes. And so we temporarily shifted there. The city council came to the party and helped by creating a path along the small lake in the Groynes where we could sail, and also provided us with a container which they placed on site to store our gear. We sailed there during the whole of 2011.