1. If you are unavailable on your duty day, please arrange a swap with another member, and inform the Sailing Master of the changes.

2. If racing needs to be cancelled, contact the Sailing Master by 9.30am for cancellations to be sent out. 327 3958.

3. Racing starts at 1.30 pm, and should finish approximately 3.30-4 pm, (conditions permitting).

4. The number of heats to make a race are; minimum 3, maximum 11.

5. Provide milk and biscuits for afternoon tea.

6. Boil the urn, set up the registrations, lay out the marks and hold a briefing approx. 1.10 -1.15pm.

7. After racing and afternoon tea, take tea towels and hand towel home for washing, and dispose of the rubbish bag.

8. Pass on the RO’s clubhouse key to next RO. This key has the necessary codes for access attached.

9. RO duties are on the noticeboard and lockup procedure is on the wall above the batteries.

10. If you are using paper results sheets, pass them on to the Sailing Master.

11. If you are not comfortable in the dinghy, ask another member to set out the marks.

12. If you are struggling with the computer, there are plenty of members who can help, but best of all is Peter Knight who wrote the program. Computer Help. There are movie clips on our website. https://www.christchurchmodelyachting.org.nz There is blue folder in the club house with overall guidance and guidance for each of the race system you may be using on any Saturday.

RACE OFFICERS PLEASE NOTE: Because only sailors who have or will sail on Saturdays, have been rostered on, most members will have more than 2 duties in the season. Furthermore, in past seasons, a person’s duties seemed to flow seamlessly over consecutive weekends, this season is different. Because some members communicated their commitments, the former blissful state was an impossibility to maintain, so diligent searching will be necessary to find your duty days.