On 12 April 2023. Mayor Phil Mauger visited the skippers at the Christchurch Model Yacht Club (CMYC). He has graciously accepted the role of Patron of the Club. He was impressed with the boat house, the enthusiasm of the members, and the fun of actually taking the controls of one of our model RC yachts.
He has also accepted our invitation to speak at the dinner which will celebrate our 125 years of continuous operation, on 17 June 2023.
He recognised that adequate nearby parking for the members is crucial. The CMYC yachts have graced the waters of Lake Victoria, Hagley Park, Christchurch, for the last 125 years. We expect this to continue for very many more years to come.
Lake Victoria was extensively damaged during the earthquakes in 2010/11. The water drained out because of the lake bed disruption. Maugers contracting was engaged excavate the lake bed, line it with bentonite clay, and repair the well supplying water. The club contributed to this effort with working bees at the lake edge. Phil Mauger was operating one of these diggers.
Photos show the Mayor with: Commodore Ron Bedyn; The mayor sailing; with Rodney Ford President of the CJCOA), Warwick Stephens with our Patron. The Mauger diggers at work on the Victoria Lake bed.
Mayor_Phil_Ron_Bedyn Mayor_Phol_team_CMYCMayor_Phil_Rodney_CMYC Mayor_Phil_RCsailing Mayor_Phil_RCboat_Warwick Mayor_Phil_Lunch_CMYC
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