Two IOM yachts for sale: V9 and V8. See Below:

Vickers V9 for sale  IOM NZL 1037

285es RMG sailwinch, Futaba SU 300 digital rudder servo.
A rig with BG sails, B and C rig with Vickers sails.
Sail box, cradle, Flysky FS-I 6 Transmitter, 1300 mah Lipo battery.
All well maintained $3200. Plus any delivery costs

Email me for more photos.  Boat located in Nelson.
Contact Basil Hart 021 0842 5809

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V8 IOM yacht for sale, Baltic Pine hull, Birch aircraft ply decks, all interior components epoxy glass, finished with Allwood Varnish.  One set of Rob Nelson A rig sails .

Flysky FS  I -6 Transmitter.   1300 mAH Lipo battery.  Wooden cradle.  Boat registered and measured March 2022. Hull number NZL 1336.

I’ve got too many yachts! I am selling my latest woody V8 design

Regards, Basil Hart,    021 0842 5809

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