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While setting gear up we had no wind, but before the start it came in a nice Nor Easter and the course did not have to be altered all day. The RO was Rodney Ford and his quiet authorative character made for a very pleasant day for all competitors. ITom Arthur was assist RO. Here are some of the things that spring to mind from the day.

1 The sailing was a high standard and often the fleets were close.

2 It was close enough that I couldn’t pick a winner until I saw the results.

3 Both Glen’s second placings were on track for firsts, but he got pipped at the finish line.

4 At lunch time Jackie Torrie supplied a whole big tin full of delicious cake……please give her our thanks Bob.

5 The sailors were very good in RRS observance.

Congratulations to the winner Daniel Cross, and Bruce Edgar and Clyde Rogers for getting on the podium.

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