A Slight variable North East Jim and ….. were the race officers and set up a gate at the top and 2 markers at the bottom 2 laps. Jim was insistent that no one went through the start finish line which everyone observed.

Behaviour was generally good with some collisions. All mistakes were exonerated.  Because it was a mark foy start there was less congestion on the line. As you can see from the results there were a few who took first place. With Colin taking off with 377. As the wind came up I (Nick) pulled a first over Pete Bradley on the final race Colin had it in the bag when he ran out of power enabling me to pull a second first. I went to rescue Colin after I had finished by nudging him with my boat. This enabled Colin to cross the line and he was given 10th place.

Oh the results? I had rush off to a friends (yes I have them) party. But in spite of Colin’s power failure made first followed by Nick. Jim says that 170s handicap is going up.

Cheers. Nick Richardson

Club Racing 27 4 24