Greetings members,

Today was a lovely sailing day….again. Our RO was Cliff Bishop assisted by Peter Fisher, who has just retired about a week ago. Peter is now in heaven………like 90% of us members.

They set a good course and managed the day very efficiently, despite the huge wind variations, which had as much trouble deciding where to blow as I do making up my mind. We had a Mark Foy start so I must tell you about a humorous incident. Murray Pearce J 205, is a retired pharmacist, and a well-spoken gentleman, and his starting number is 0, however during one heat start, the start area was crowded with boats with much higher MF numbers and Murray called out in a gentlemanly way for these offenders to move away. Of course nobody heeded to such a dignified request, so I said to Murray that he needs to use his pharmaceutical phraseology to get them to shift……so he did….with this hail. “Take an overdose”. Top marks to Murray.

Congratulations podium placers, 1 Bob Torrie, 2 Chris Stricker and 3 Colin Freeman. One hopes Bob is not setting the pace early for the EC12 v cJ match racing tomorrow.

Club Racing 6 4 24