Good morning,

Yesterdays sailing was marred by the course being limited by floating algae/weed. Raxy, as race officer, had only enough room to set a windward leeward course because the weed would stop any boat that sailed into it, however the light breeze was lovely and it was warm. Graeme Raxworthy was RO assisted by Allen Anderson, and in keeping with our standard of race committees everything went professionally. Congratulations to all our sailors for keeping the behaviour levels high, and a wee note of warning to us all, our new sailors Murray and Anzan are starting to question in close detail, the various protests against them so they understand the rules in greater detail, good on you Murray and Anzan.

Congratulations to our  podium finishers who were quite dominant yesterday, Colin, Owen and Peter……..tsk tsk, look at the new handicaps.

Time for a little RRS rules. Yesterday I heard two different sailors call that their boats were “out of control”, but they managed to continue sailing. This concerns a rule that many radio sailors are unaware of: Appendix E rule E2.3 Boat Out of Radio Control   A competitor who loses radio control of his boat shall promptly hail ‘(The boat’s sail number) out of control’ and the boat shall retire. 

So if your boat is playing up in small increments but you are able to keep sailing, remember not to use the words out of control  because you will be expected to retire, however, if your boat has finally given up the ghost, these are the words you need to hail, plus your sail number of course.

Apart from all the congratulations issued forth this morning, one final applaud is necessary. Anzan sailed so well she tied with Ralph, but was set at 5th place. Well done.

Club Racing 17 2 24