Greetings all,

Yesterday was a delightful days sailing, and I thought the breeze was quite steady for Victoria, although I heard several contrary comments. Again we did not foul our good behaviour record although there were several rules breaches, as usual, but peaceful exoneration was prevalent.

Our RO was Graham Parratt assisted by Selwyn Taylor and owing to a predicted wind change they set  a trapezoid course capable of reversing sailing direction if the wind changed, which it did.

It was a mass start and the starting champion was undoubtedly Peter Bradley who somehow seemed to be 50m ahead of the fleet by the first mark. I never worked out his tactic because I was too busy trying to keep out of trouble to watch.

I learned yesterday what NOT to do with the computer. Before entries were open, Selwyn and I opened the computer so he could have a practice on how it works, unfortunately our deleting of the practice session was unsuccessful with the result that the first heat was recorded as DNF’s, but the other 5 heats were fine. It was amazing how many sailor’s claimed that the DNF’d heat had them in 1st,2nd or 3rd  tsk tsk. Anyway Ralph was backing up with a paper copy and between that and the computer results the remaining 5 heats are recorded accurately, and with too few heats for discard heats these results are different from what you saw yesterday on the computer.

Congratulations to our race committee for doing a fine job and to the podium placers, Peter Bradley, Bob Auton and Ron Bedyn.


CMYC 25.Novdocx