Greetings all,

Today was a bit fresh at times with a very shifty nor easter, resulting I think in a few dnf’s because of h20 ingestion detrimental to conductivity within the polarity systems integral to  efficient electrical transmission of the marine edifices. Whatever that sentence means?

Congratulations to Mike Inns who carried a protest through to arbitration, and thumbs down to those sailors who complained about waiting while arbitration was done. Often sailors complain about the lack of RRS observance but won’t protest to do something about it.

Congratulations to the sailors for good behaviour despite the many entanglements. Ron Bedyn our RO took a very strong line with the start line to make sure sailors didn’t get out of line and the sailors fell into line in fear and trembling with very few line exonerations needed.

I should start to do articles on race committee humorous incidents which Chris started of last week, this week during the last heat, Ron started removing the gate before a boat which had been entangled reached it, fortunately one mark could still be rounded……of course no articles will ever be penned about me.

Congratulations to the podium winners, Nick, Bob and Colin and a special mention of how well our youngest member George did in J 327. I also feel any comment on J 276’s position would be unwanted, unwarranted and unbecoming, so my pen shall desist forthwith.

Club Racing 4 11 23