Greetings all,

Yesterday had a wonderful oscillating NE breeze, with the usual Victoria shifts and the occasional broach gusts, and again, I am pleased to report, no contentious behaviour. I think the club may have surpassed expectations and history (at least in my memory) by having for 2 consecutive Saturdays, protests that were carried through to arbitration. Again I laud Colin (this week) and Mike (last week) for carrying their protests through all the way.

Our RO was Rodney Ford assisted by Ron Campbell and they set a windward / leeward course with a gate at the windward end and 2 rounding marks at the leeward end with 2 laps. All this worked out very well and things went smoothly. Thank you Rodney for allowing time out to drain boats after every 3 heats, because last week several boats succumbed to this problem in the fresh breezes.

Our brothers in law, Cliff and Bob, both sporting yellow boats, ended up entangled, disabled and forced to withdraw, they then ensconced themselves in chairs for the rest of racing making humorous comments from the sidelines. I found this rather amusing, especially since no aggravation toward each other emerged.

Congratulations to the podium placers, Polly, me and Dayele.

Club Racing 11 11 23