Greetings CMYC members,

Today is a memorable day for 3 reasons…..why?……firstly our Race Officer, Chris Stricker performed an authentic double of humour. Secondly, in the last heat, Anzan held off all the challengers trying to pass her (me included) for a whole lap, and finished 3rd. Thirdly, our rugby team is playing someone, somewhere, sometime, but relatively small news there.

Now, let me extrapolate our RO’s exploits, and I hasten to edify, Chris gave me permission to write this. Chris Stricker had swapped duties with Rodney and was instantly catapulted into the RO position with absolutely no prior experience, plus, being there nice and early set about immediately loading up the dinghy with the marks before Glen his assistant had even appeared. Well I found it hilarious to note the loaded marks were the tiny ones used around the lake on Wednesdays. Lesson number 2. After setting the correct marks, Chis tied the boat up to the jetty and Glen told him, to turn the motor off. So Chris exited the dinghy and it immediately backed into the lake at the end of its painter in reverse gear, motor running. Thank you Chris for keeping Glen and I amused today, However, everything else went off in exemplary style, good course, accurate start procedure’s and finishes, well done race committee.

Today was one of those delightful breezes with warm temperatures, I loved it, and the behaviour was good.

Congratulations Polly (yet again), Dayele and Ralph. They ascended the podium.

Club Racing 28 10 23