Greetings all,

Today you have a lot of attachments to peruse, they are: 1. Yesterday’s club race at CMYC, 2. The MF handicaps. 3. The results of yesterdays J racing at Nelson (kindly sent by Polly). 4. The Sailing Instructions for the CMYC EC12 championships being held on October 7 at the club.

Regarding the cJ sailing at Nelson, I am sure we are all pleased they had a full days sailing. 16 heats is a handful and I must say, yesterday, a certain member at Victoria after consulting Nelson’s forecast, reported blustery wind and heavy rain so as you may well understand, those of us basking in fine weather at the lake mourned in sackcloth and ashes for our colleagues enduring such miseries tsk tsk. However not so it seems.

With our depleted fleet yesterday we raced with 10 boats and large fleet issues almost disappeared….along with the numerous RRS breaches, and I heard a few comments how sailors enjoyed themselves despite the very shifty NW wind. J 146 refused to work so I had an enjoyable day as audience and was very pleased with the behaviour. Barry Bissell was RO assisted by Bryan Treleaven and they did a fine job of running the day. The course for the first few heats was 1 long triangle and Tony Taylor being first away on MF revelled in it. Then the Race Committee added another lap but it seemed to make little difference as Tony still was dominant. So congratulations to Tony, Peter  and Cliff  for podium places. By the way, yesterday was also the first race of the Enterprise Trophy, another 2 races to go.

Life Member N Hill 16 9 23