Greetings all,

You will notice a few photos attached with the results, the photos taken yesterday were by Allen Anderson, and are part of a series of 6. One wonders how he managed to sail too?

The photo of the ‘mark’ is from Selwyn Taylor and this is how a yacht club in Australia sets it’s marks, apparently they are set to a GPS position and no anchor is needed. Selwyn reckons we need some, but my dog Cindy loves going out in the boat to set and retrieve marks, so that vote is vetoed.

Yesterday was a lovely day as the photos show, with a large fleet of 24 boats. That must be a record for Lake Rua club sailing. The only problem with the big fleet was the large amounts of rules breaches and dnf/dns’s. In the results if a boat has a “d” beside it, that means ‘dnf’ or’ dns’ because there was no room to type the 3 letters.

Peter Bradley reckoned he will be interested to read my report on the rules breaches, but my memory can’t recall many except the ones I did, so my lips are sealed.

I take my hat off to our RO Bob Auton and assistant Colin Freeman, who coped with setting a course from a difficult angle to the wind (because of limited area for 24 sailors) and getting all the results recorded and tea served, well done gents.

Congratulations to our podium finishers, with extra accolades to Ron Bedyn for his excellent placings, so Ron, Graham and Dayele were the champs.

CMYC Race Results.2 Septdocx