Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

Attached are our 2023-24 opening day results from Lake Rua yesterday. The wind was generally light  but pleasant to sail in. The RO was Derek Kraak, ably assisted by Darryl Sutton and they set a 3 lap course along the foreshore. We were lucky the wind favoured this direction because our normal control area was submerged under a high tide. These 2 gentlemen did a fine job of overseeing everything to a high standard. My commiserations, delightedness and derision go to the 2 unnamed gentlemen in 139 and 355 who collided with the swimmers raft in the middle of the course, and, my double c, d and d, go to the unnamed skipper of 139 who did it twice during the afternoon. There was a certain unnamed gentleman from 363 who grieved me deeply by referring to my prized craft as the “old tub”. If this was 200 years ago I would have challenged him to a duel to the death with pistols.

The start was a massed fleet all of together and my congratulations go to Polly, Bruce and Ron for fine performances which enabled them to reach podium glory. We have one more session at  Rua in September before the summer befalls us.

RESULTS.Aug 5 2023