Greetings all,

Today the CMYC held an IQ test on its members. The members were posed with some very intellectual questions which needed careful thought before answering. Questions such as; “If you were rostered on as race committee today, would you cancel racing”. Another was; “ Would you sail today if racing was not cancelled”. 

After careful scrutiny of the results of this test, I can confirm that Jim Paterson and Allen Anderson hold the dubious position of having the lowest IQ in the club. Strangely enough, especially to me, who as the whole club is well aware, my intelligence is in the genius phase, the 12 sailors who braved the dastardly elements to support club activities and our race committee, all received a similar result of “bordering on idiots”. But…the hot cuppa and biscuits more than made up for our newly appointed humble position among our peers.

Would you believe that 12 idiots fronted up for sailing in the rain, but the sailing conditions were actually not to bad…….if you could stay on your feet in the mud……..and if you could weather the 360o wind shifts. Congratulations to our humble sailing master, Cliff and Al, these idiots managed podium places. Well done to our race committee despite being idiots for managing the day so well.

Cheers Tom A

Club Racing 22 7 23