Greetings members,

Yesterday’s weather sorted out the men from the boys. Our tough race officers, Nick, Derek and George, weren’t going to be put off by a bit of drizzle, which persisted all day despite their forecasts of clearance by 1pm,  tsk tsk. These 2 gentlemen erected the gazebo and ensconced themselves and the computer in luxury while us poor souls braved the elements. The conditions were very similar to our 125th anniversary day, light winds and light rain but it was not cold, in fact the most difficult part was keeping our footing along the muddy shore. By the way, George is Nicks spaniel who investigated everything and set out and retrieved the marks with great enthusiasm.

We had 11 sailors despite the rain, it seems that one of the positive side effects of our 125th, is that sailors are now aware that sailing in light rain is not so bad after all. Our course was 2 laps and the fleet starts were split into 2, 50 seconds apart, from which the computer magically gave us accurate placings. Marvellous isn’t it, Peter Knights program is magnificent. Once again congratulations to our 3 veterans of podium placings, Ron, Polly and Glen.

Club Racing 8 7 23