Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

Today was an example of the different standards between my generation (ancient), and the newer generation. One could get quite gregarious in describing the way the rather large audience just stood in the way while the sailors had to force a way through the rebellious throng, even to the extent of them parking a pram on the path. I predict that that baby shall not live to reach adulthood. However, having vented my feelings on an unworthy younger generation, let us talk about more important subjects, starting with the priorities. The urn was boiled to perfection, and milk and biscuits were plentiful, so a great cuppa was had. Now to less important subjects. Our race officer was Barry Bissell ably assisted by Mike Inns. The course was a 2 lap triangle/trapezoid course and Nick was on an adrenalin high. To quote a phrase that issued forth on several occasions from his victorious mouth today usually after each win, Polly says, enjoy the sunshine while you can”. Wise words because our computer will not let the sun shine much longer on Nick. Apart from the aforesaid crowds, and the intense sun reflections, I thought todays sailing was wonderful, a beautiful breeze and a MF start, what more could we ask for, well maybe $1,000 prizemoney for the podium placers. Talking of podium places, laudings and honour to Nick, Chris and your humble sailing master, psst, have a look at J 258’s new MF number tsk tsk tsk, the sun is indeed setting into the gloomy shades of obscurity ,tut tut.

Kaiapoi Pennant 15 7 23