Greetings CMYC members,

Yesterday’s 125th day was quite a spectacle. I am not going to enlarge on the wonderful job that the main organisers did in getting it so well organised because that is outside my brief as sailing master, but I will say this, I was impressed by their organisational skills, faith and imagination.

Apart from dubious weather which made the ground slippery, and by the way, I think our Health & Safety Officer should be drawn and quartered for not providing heated, tented cover over the entire lake, the clubhouse, and surrounding grounds 500m in all directions from the clubhouse, but it was a great day. We even had member Alex Bruce come up from Dunedin with his IOM, we had a cannon discharging blanks at great distress to the unsuspecting public and our patron, you should have seen them jump on discharges. I estimate we had about 15-20 people who tried sailing a boat and about half of them were women, because I was involved in this, I never saw much of the Founders Trophy race so can’t comment on the intricacies of Bruce’s Marblehead marching away in front of the fleet. The wind was very, very light and only 3 heats were sailed because of a short time frame for racing. The Race Officers, Russell Wenham and Glen Church, used a 3 fleet mass start system, with 50 seconds between each start, a wise move with 33 boats entered, so congratulations to podium placed boats, Bruce Edgar, Ron Bedyn and Daniel Cross.

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