Greetings CMYCers,

Yesterdays racing was absolutely delightful, I did not hear of anyone who did not enjoy it. We had relay racing, and Barry Bissell originally came down to watch for an hour, but got caught up in it all and stayed until the finish. The RO was Ralph Biggs assisted by Russell Wenham and they did a great job of organising the whole event.

We had 17 entries and the RO’s selected them into teams of 3 from the club MF handicap list, however one team had only 2 members. These were the teams:

RED TEAM – Jim Paterson J 345, Nick Richardson J 170, Al Ross J 282. This team were the loudest braggers prior to racing. 

GREEN TEAM – Graeme Raxworthy J 350, Peter Fisher J 266, Bob Auton J 353.

WHITE TEAM – Cliff Bishop J 269, Peter Bradley J 321, Tom Arthur J 146. This team were the most humble prior to racing.

BLUE TEAM – Graham Parratt J 333, Tony Taylor J 344, Chris Stricker J 306.

YELLOW TEAM – Dayele Hobson J 299, Mike Inns J 310, Roy Bickerstaffe J 275.

BLACK TEAM – Glen Church J 276, Rodney Ford J 358. One sailor in this team had to sail each lap twice. I am sure this team would have been the loudest braggers if not for Rodney’s  calming influence.

The wind was lightish but very sailable, the sun was shining and the day was warm and the attached results show how close the racing was…..congratulations Blue team for their fine performance.