Greetings all,

Attached are yesterdays results, but at this stage take them as “a possibility” for 2 reasons. (A) it was an A/B fleet start, not MF and (B) 276 beat 146, which should never have happened. Hopefully today at the match racing I may get time to delve into the mysteries of the computer.

Yesterdays conditions were excellent sailing, the RO’s had a 2 lap windward/leeward with gates at either end and these fine gents were Cliff Bishop and Bruce Lang. I will praise those who triumphed onto the podium….maybe, Glen, Ron and Colin.

This report is short, because I have to get away to witness a soon to be world historical occasion, the J’s are going to triumph magnificently over the EC12’s in a stunning first time victory. Cheers. Tom A

Club Racing 29 4 23