Yesterdays racing was of interest for a number of firsts. Firstly, I discovered on the computer, why the results I have recently been sending  out were in time denominations instead of placings for each heat. This edification will please David Strack no end because several times he has confronted me with a print out of the results and requested an explanation of what it all means. My replies were always, “I don’t know”. David is an accountant and his fertile mind seeks clarification on issues with numbers, but with this glorious breakthrough he will be edified, satisfied and pacified.

Secondly, Anzan has often commented how she is always last in the results, well, take a look at yesterday’s results and see how she has jumped up the ladder with a 4th, a 3rd and a 1st.

Thirdly, I note in the handicaps, the computer has calculated all the Monday sailors on to correct handicaps.

Yesterdays race was a Mark Foy start but these boats were started on the following MF numbers rather than the standard high numbers on the computer; 348 -0, 334 – 40, 146 – 0, 358 – 20.

One final comment before we indulge in the race, we had a visit from Jeremy Marris which was great, since he has moved up to Nelson.

Racing: The RO was Graham Parratt and the assistant was Tom Wilda, and in keeping with our high standard of officials did a great job. The course was a two lap windward / leeward with gates either end, and the sailing breeze was very good. There were several collisions between boats on beats meeting boats on runs, but the unwritten law of good behaviour was not broken. The whole fleet was very close all day, as you will see by the close total points in the results, the standard of the newer RC sailors is rising rapidly.

Congratulations to Paul Campbell, Cliff Bishop and Roy Bickerstaffe for podium places.

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