Greetings CMYC members,

Yesterday’s racing was on another fine day, when reminiscing on the recent atrocious weather up north, it makes us thankful for Canterbury’s relatively stable climate, there are not many cancellations throughout the year. However, stable though we are in terms of disaster inducing weather, sailing wise, yesterday was unusually shifty, causing increased concentration on ancient brains incapable of such requirements, especially in 16 boat mass starts. I thought the one who exceeded expectations was Peter Fisher, so obviously his brain has not metamorphosized…..yet.

Ron Bedyn and Bob Auton were RO’s and everything went just as it should, members behaved themselves as those worthy of CMYC status, and congratulations to those on the podium, Polly, Jim and Raxy. You are lucky I wasn’t sailing.

Cheers TA. Sailing master

Life Member G Britt 18 2 23