Greetings honoured members,

Today, I was a spectator, and mighty fine weather it was too. I was surprised by who the eventual winner was because he never figured on my podium picks from the placings. Well done Al for winning in a 17-boat fleet with a mass start. Here is an example of consistency all day, his worst was 7th and the best was 2nd. He was lucky I wasn’t sailing or it would be a different story.

Raxy RO, and Peter Bradley assist RO, were on duty and they set a course which could easily be sailed in reverse, when the wind swung from SW to NE, which it did several times, they had everything running smoothly all day.

There was quite a bit of ‘forceful discussion’ over different interpretations of rules breaches but nothing that disgraced us into regression of our good behaviour status. Another interesting facet of the day was a visit by Bruce Edgar on an electric bike, like Al’s supremacy, I never pictured Bruce on a bike. isn’t it amazing what you learn in old age.

So, podium winners, congratulations Al, commodore Ron, and another consistent placegetter, Ralph.

Club Racing 11 2 23