Greetings CMYC members,

Attached are yesterdays results. I did say yesterday that the computer showing of the results was only provisional, because the computer was not recording heat 7. Heat 7 was recorded on paper, but 3 boats (not dnfs) are missing on the paper copy so I am declaring heat 7 a non-heat. Thus these computer results of 6 heats are now official. Congratulations to Bob (even though he did sail an EC), Cliff and Ron. These fellows made the podium.

Ian Scott and Ron Bedyn were our RO’s and Ron was also our BBQ chef, thank you gents.

Yesterday was hot, and for the first few heats we were plagued with big wind shifts and large mats of drifting weed, but once the wind shifted direction and steadied up, it blew all the weed off the course, making conditions delightful. The BBQ at the end was great too, all the sailors sat around the BBQ in the sun and committed the gross sin of gluttony.

The behaviour stakes were not breached but lots of RRS rules were. I saw many, many, many, rules broken, some were exonerated, but many, many, were not. Quite a few sailors were grouching after incidents about boats that had allegedly infringed them. Let us get this clear, your only option is: [1] Immediately protest the other boat. [2] Then inform the race officers before the subsequent heat preparatory signal. [3] Attend the immediate short arbitration hearing. After these procedures it may or may not go to a protest hearing later.

If no protests are made, no penalties can be given and sailors are not going to learn to improve, and we are going to keep being frustrated.

Cheers. Tom A

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