Yesterday was hot, sunny and a nice NE breeze, very nice for sailing. Race officers were Graham Parratt and Darryl Sutton and they set a 2 lap, windward / leeward course with gates at both ends, however, during the last 2 heats they increased the course to 3 laps. I was a spectator to the racing and must applaud all the sailors for their fine behaviour.  That brings us up to 2 weeks without acrimony. One wonders if having a lady sailing with us has an influence on the gentlemen.

The results have me rather puzzled because I thought Dayele did far better than his placing shows, but the 3 podium places are probably correct, so congratulations Chris, Roy and Peter. The first results you see are elapsed times putting Glen as having the fastest times, but if you scroll down you will see the actual true placings according to finish places with the Mark Foy start. I should mention that Anzan started on 0 not 60, and we saw a big improvement in her sailing today…………of course she was sailing a magnificent boat.

It was nice to have Ralph back with us as a spectator after breaking his leg, but he reckons in a few weeks he will be able to sail again. One of the humorous highlights of the day for us spectators, was Polly’s running commentary on how the races were progressing, of course all of you know what a master commentator he is……..nothing is ever serious.

Club Racing 12 11 22