Greetings members,

Todays racing had a few things out of the ordinary. Firstly Roy set the top gate almost into the Avon river, I rather liked the long beats this gave us, not so sure about the long runs though, people kept catching up.

Roy and Dayele were our race officers and they kept things going smoothly…….apart from Dayele’s distractions. It was an A & B fleet start with boats being relegated each heat into A or B fleet according to their placings. Somehow Polly was never relegated from the second start, but he still won overall….one wonders if the computer is playing up again. Behaviour was good today so we have had 1 week of good behaviour.

Congratulations to those who ascended on high today. Polly, Cliff and Rodney.

The second matter out of the ordinary was that we had Anzan Zhang sailing with us. Anzan is our newest member and she borrowed Dayele’s boat today, thus Dayele’s distractions, but she wants to buy a second hand cJ, so if you know of any for sale either contact, Anzan, Rodney, Dayele or me. Anzan is in NZ while her son is studying in high school and she lives in Shanghai, back in China she sails Nacra 15 Catamarans, but getting used to radio yachts is a new challenge…….as we all know.  Cheers, Tom A

Club Racing 5 11 22