Greetings CMYC members,

Attached are yesterday’s race results, and the RO’s are to be congratulated for setting  a course long enough to produce a fair result with the MF start i.e. the last starter came through to win, and the lesser regulated boats got the next 2 podium places. So Mike Baddely and Roy Bickerstaffe did a great job as Race Committee. The course was a trapezoid with 3 laps, the wind was predominantly brisk, the shifts were numerous, the wind was cold, and most of the sailors struggled to count 3 laps correctly. It is interesting how we can lose count of which lap we are actually sailing. Not me of course, Sailing Masters don’t stoop that low, instead they cunningly sail through the finish line if unsure what lap they are on, then blithely carry on if it was not the finish.

The wind had gusts strong enough to catch a few boats out with an occasional broach or nosedive, but they were few. Polly will be pleased his 120 MF handicap has been moderated, 308, and 363 will note they have ascended up to 60, tsk, tsk, plus 150’s short sojourn down to 40 has been reneged, grrr grrr.

Behaviour was in excellent form, no arguments at all, one wonders if that was due to the fact that Glen Church wasn’t present. Congratulations the podium placegetters, Ron Bedyn, of course as commodore we let him get first, Peter Bradley, and myself a rare phenonomen…….pity Glen wasn’t there to witness it.

Club Racing 8 10 22