Greetings all,

Yesterday’s race was a relay race……of course the number of entries was 13, which made it impossible to select evenly numbered teams. We started the first heat with Al Ross as a single team member but he was so far ahead that we quickly aborted that plan and demoted him, tsk tsk. Mike Inns was then raised to this fine estate………until his boat broke down temporarily.

The weather was shifty, with nosedive/broaching gusts that at least kept the RO’s amused. We declare 306 the most spectacular nosedive champion, plus losing the most places while laying ignominiously spreadeagled across the water.

The teams were made up of 2 sailors (except team G) and each boat sailed 2 short laps per heat. Generally the racing was very close and us Ro’s were happy with the team handicapping, the ‘us’ by the way was Murray Pearce and Tom Arthur. Sailors please note, the placings have changed slightly from what Murray announced at the club. After fruitlessly trying to find a way to blame Murray for this mistake, I have to confess it was because I gave one team 2 discards instead of one…….abject apologies tendered.