Greetings all,

Discussing todays sailing conditions with various sailors after racing, the consensus was, a good course, good sailing wind, but a few shifts, light patches, broaches, (what’s different for Victoria?) but very cold. Well done RO Rodney Ford and assistant Doug Parker. Congratulations all competitors for wonderful behaviour, I did not hear one argument about rules breaches.

The start was a 2 fleet start 50 seconds apart, which made the starts quite manageable…..for me, which is saying something.

Congratulations to Commodore Ron, Jim and Dayele for attaining podium status……..bad luck Glen, you missed out  tsk tsk.

Thank you RO’s for the warm cuppa at the end, reviving us from near hypothermia.

Next Saturday (Oct 8) RO is Andy Allison, assisted by Roy Bickerstaffe. The following week (Oct 15) the RO’s are Murray Pearce and Tom Arthur, we have relay racing in small teams, great fun.

Cheers. Tom A

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