Greetings members,

Attached are Saturdays race results. The first half of the racing  started with some spectacular broaches, nosedives and collisions, but the second half eased off to very pleasant sailing. You will note that Cliff withdrew after a few tempestuous heats to save his boat in working order for today’s EC12 championships. The start was Mark Foy and 363’s start was relegated from 0 to 40 (amongst fruitless protest) so let’s see how the computer sorts that out, tsk tsk. Talking of the computer, at the club it steadfastly refused to produce the results we wanted so I took it home and under the tender guidance of my beloved wife it miraculously divulged the correct results.

The race officer was Al Ross, assisted by Roy Bickerstaffe (full of humorous comments) and everything went well. Congratulations to the podium winners, Derek, Ralph and Paul, they did well handling the rough stuff at the beginning. It seems I have a bit of computer housekeeping to do, because Cyrus and I are listed as RO’s (false) and yesterday the computer started me off on 80 ? ? ? I know about the RO problem because earlier in the week I was doing some home practice.

Club Racing 3 9 22