Greetings members,

Lest I should ever be accused of showing any bias towards any yacht classes within CMYC, let me categorically laud my praises and congratulations on our two EC12 sailors who gained first and second on the podium with a brilliant display of sailing in a large fleet and little wind. Of course likewise is acclamation to the third placegetter. While on this matter, considering how difficult I found the starts, I laud all those who gained the top half of the fleet.

In the results there were 2 sets of ties which had to be broken, showing how close the mid-section was.

Congratulations to our race officers for a well set up day, minus the computer, but plus the cuppa. They showed the patience of Job with all the questions on how many laps we were doing, each heat. There was some ribald comments made to one sailor (who shall remain anonymous), just because of a miniscule miscalculation of sailing into the moored inflatable and stopping abruptly. I daresay that incident precluded a chance at first place which had a 1 in 18 chance of success anyway.

CMYC Results Aug 27