Greetings all,

Yesterdays sailing looked good weatherwise, but the wind had a big chill factor which caused the RO to wear his lifejacket throughout proceedings for warmth. However it was a favourable NE direction which makes sailing easier but there were big broaching gusts which kept the watching public entertained. I never heard any aggressive disputes so good on you sailors for good behaviour. The RO was Doug Parker, assisted by me, and the course was 2 triangles……..and the lake is currently weed free…….allowing Ron Bedyn’s new IOM to scorch through the fleet from a 120 MF number into second place, very impressive. The other podium victors are Peter Bradley and Ralph Biggs who were very consistent in good placings……check out your new MF numbers you two, tsk tsk.

Here is the duty list for upcoming races:

Sept 17 – Darryl Sutton / Al Ross.

Sept 24 – Tom Wilda / Nick Richardson

Oct 1 – Roy Bickerstaffe / Doug Parker

Club Racing 10 9 22