Greetings members,

You will find yesterdays results on a boring old pdf because the computer died again and I had to record the last heat on paper then add it to the existing 6 heats on computer once it was charged which meant you can’t get the computer program because the last heat altered the final placings so I had to make a pdf including the last heat which was heat 7 but now you have the completed record of yesterday’s results…..pheww….literary skills deficient.

Jim Paterson was RO and I was assistant after Nick had to attend a funeral. The weather was magnificent and the sailing wind on the lightish side but OK. Halfway through the race the wind turned from SW to NE so the course was simply reversed. It was a mass start which allowed us spectators some interesting viewing with lots of ‘keep up’ hails.

I can’t comment much because I am off to the CJCOA match racing but one comment needs to be made before exiting. The first 6 boats were J’s, so how come we have never beaten the EC12’s in match racing? Those 6 boats had better front up to the next challenge.

Cheers Tom A

CMYC Graham Mander Memorial Aug 20