Greetings members,

I am doing the housekeeping part first as there is a good chance I will forget to once the results are tabulated. Next Saturday (23rd) the RO’s are Barry Bissell and Mike Inns. The following Saturday (30th) is the closing day for the season and the RO’s are Mike Inns and Glen Church. In a separate email you will receive the next seasons program. I take this opportunity to thank those members who stepped in during the season to be RO’s for the members whose ill health or death stopped them.

Now to yesterday’s racing. It was a very nice SW breeze with the usual periods of nothing, no doubt a bit like the postulated “black holes” in outer space, and it got very warm. The RO was Graeme Raxworthy, ably assisted by Dayele and they made a fine job of keeping everything ticking along nicely. The course was a 2 lap trapezoid and the wind stayed pretty much in the right direction during racing.

We had a MF start and the 120 starter, Ron, just missed out on a podium position, very impressive. The outstanding items in my mind was the very good starts by Nick, he always seemed to be well in front at the first mark. Chris Stricker is back sailing again after a seasons layoff and Peter Crofts J has just been sold to Tony Beasley, who sailed Dayele’s boat yesterday. Tony is a big boat sailor so will soon have the little models sorted. There was a little bit of agro over rules interpretation but not enough to send us back to square one again.

Congratulations and well deserved for the podium finishers – 1st Nick, 2nd Rodney, 3rd Roy.

Cheers Tom A SM

Kaiapoi Pennant 16 7 22