Greetings all,

I have been looking at the new handicaps and there are 4 boats with MF numbers of 120……..including the new one J 222 tsk tsk. It seems to me these 4 boats need to step up their performance and one of you aims to be the first CMYC member to reach 140. I don’t understand this slack attitude, it can’t be that hard to attain a 140 number.

However, over to the matters of yesterday. RO Mike Baddeley (hereafter referred as MB) and assistant Mike Inns (hereafter referred as MI) did a sterling job on race management. It was a massed start, which I must comment, caused a huge number of rules breaches, especially the preamble to SECTION C. I think on some starts I could have protested 6 boats, so sailors, please learn what you can and can’t do in the few seconds leading up to the start signal. MB & MI set a fine course and provided a fine afternoon tea as well as fine weather, so they fly high in RO duties.

I thought yesterday’s sailing produced an unusual amount of rules breaches around the course, but many protested ones were exonerated amicably, but there were many breaches done that were not even contested by the grieved boat……..but no arguments ensued so our behaviour stakes are still in fine form.

We have 5 more race days left on the 2021-22 season then we start on next seasons program which is already done (minus a couple of details still to come). The last month of this seasons program is on the door, but here are the duty folk……..remember the milk and biscuits Glen.

July 2 Jim Paterson RO – Tom Arthur assist.

Club Racing 25Jun22