Greetings CMYC members,

We have one erratum in the results, that is, J 269 was sailed by Cliff Bishop, not Ian Scott. The fleets were split into 2 separate and permanently disinterred groups that were presupposed to stay retracted from each other during the racing period theretofore making for smaller amicable fleets of separate qualities and harmonious interaction between sailors striving within their individual group to surmount all obstacles but absolved from the other group who were left to battle among themselves thus having 2 distinct fleets with no interaction surreptitiously entering the fray. This fine and noble ideal was dragged down in a terrible manner by one ignoble gent, Ralph Biggs, who reached from the nether regions to cross forbidden boundaries and leap into glory in a most secretive manner much to the surprise of your worthy Sailing Master.

So, much lauding to these worthy three who mastered a rather gusty, shifty, broachy, calmy, windy, unpredictably day. Polly, Ralph & Raxy.

Congratulations to the RO team, Al and Murray for a well-managed day and good gated course……and especially for remembering our milk and biscuits for a cuppa.

Next weeks RO’s are Ron Bedyn and Mike Inns although I have a feeling Mike and Allen may have swapped. The following week is Mike Baddely as RO and whoever has swapped the previous week.

Cheers, Tom

Club Racing 11 6 22