Greetings CMYC members,

Attached are todays results, but first……….2 reminders.

  1. Next Saturday the race officer is Paddy and the assistant is Tom Arthur.
  2. Starting from May 7, we will be sailing at L. Rua on the first Saturday of each winter month.

Now for results. Al set a windward/leeward course with gates either end, 2 laps, and there was minimal trouble between boats beating and running. We all must be improving because years ago this was problematic. The behaviour was good and so was the cuppa afterwards.

It was a 2 fleet start which made it difficult to predict a winner, certainly for me, as I never picked Peter Bradley for the podium, let alone outright winner. Congratulations to the 3 podium placers, Peter, Glen and Dayele.

The weather was nice, with a good breeze but you could feel the autumn edge making its presence felt…next stop winter.


Tom A   SM

Club Racing 23 4 22