Greetings and salutations,

When I left home to go sailing it was a fresh 25 knot nor wester, and I decided I won’t risk the boat in such conditions….but….from Belfast into town the wind reduced to a warm delightful breeze. However coming home it was all in reverse again.

I thought the RO’s did a good job on setting the course and you could tell it was set by a IOM sailor…Bruce. The race was MF and I was only just, by the merest margins, beaten by J276, but I took consolation that Glens discard was a 13th while mine was only a 12th.

Well done Derek, Ron and Rodney for being podiumatically victorious. Derek reckons it was because he kept out of trouble and didn’t have to do penalties.

Cheers.   Tom A   SM

Club Racing 16 4 22