Greetings all,

Today was another in a growing list of beautiful breezes, and steady within the parameters allowable by extenuating circumstances no doubt familiar to all those who are conversant with those difficulties and include them into their mental capabilities to nullify the negative effects and persevere through to an acceptable result, thereby triumphing over adversity with excellence.

This was done magnificently by those three on the podium, so they deserve accolades for today. The boat which surreptitiously excelled from the second starting fleet was the defending champion Auld Mug holder Rodney Ford, who will be vigorously defending his title tomorrow.

Well done RO Vern Rolton and assistant Raxy, for another smooth, professional accomplishment of duty.

I am pleased to laud the sailors for no contentious arguments which would negate our wonderful long period of harmony, however, my impressions of today was numerous breaches, entanglements and exonerations, but nary an argument.

Cheers Tom A  SM.

Club Racing 9 4 22