Hi CMYC folk,

Attached are yesterdays results, and what a beautiful day it was, gentle breezes, gentle behaviour and a wind that stayed constant in direction. Rodney was RO and the race was “RO’s choice” so he chose a 2 fleet start system rather than cramming the whole fleet off in a single start. His trapezoid course was great and nobody got lost. With the 2 fleet starts one tends to lose track of who is doing well, and again I was surprised to see many of the 2nd start sailors coming to the fore in the results. Congratulations podium people, Polly, Roy and Al.

There were 2 occasions worth mentioning, 1 Polly has bought Graham Mander’s J75 and no noticeable difference was observed by me in performance from J333. Secondly, in one heat Glen had a considerable lead but with 2 downwind marks left to the finish, sailed into light wind and the fleet closed rapidly….but….Rodney and I were fascinated by Glens tactics, he rounded the mark which left a broad reach course to the final mark (before a short beat to the finish) with Polly right on his tail but a couple of feet to windward. Glen trapped Polly in a windward overlap, sailed on a tight reach across the course until he was opposite the bottom mark then bore away straight downwind leaving Polly no options but to follow. After Glen rounded the bottom mark first it was still an exciting battle to the finish with a few hair raising incidents, but Glen managed to cross first….just. That is what sailing is all about.

Next Saturday, the RO is Vern Rolton assisted by Raxy  Cheers  Tom A

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