Racing had a couple of new facets to it. Firstly the race type was supposed to be A&B fleets but only 8 boats entered so it was reduced to a 1 fleet mass start. It was nice to sail with a smallish fleet. The second note of interest is that someone actually lodged a legitimate protest and followed it through to arbitration. The whole process was done in fine form with no acrimony and very little delay.

The wind was all over the place……as normal, and there were a few savage gusts and ensuing broaches, one broach on his boat Peter Fisher described, was J266 doing a nosedive and a complete 360o on its nose……..I reckon that takes a lot of skill.

The course was windward/leeward legs and 2 laps, which worked very well in the condition and the RO’s kept things going well with…….quite a lot of humour. As for the podium placers, well done Ralph, myself and Polly, but have a look at Polly’s placings, rather impressive I thought.

Now onto completely different subjects.

  1. Next Saturday and Sunday is the Canterbury J Class Assoc Endeavour Trophy, so there will be no club racing on Saturday and no EC12 sailing on Sunday.
  2. On Sunday April 3, is scheduled the annual EC12 v cJ match racing event. It is a whole day affair and NoR and Sailing Instructions will be sent out when I have updated them to the latest RRS rule numbers. Can we please have a volunteer to help Selwin Taylor and myself to run the event on the day. Please contact me.
  3. The race officers for the next club racing on March 12 are Bob Torrie and Peter Bradley.

Cheers  Tom

Club Racing 26 2 22