Greetings all,

Yesterdays racing was getting to the stage of “last man standing”. You will see an increasing number of dnf’s as the day progressed, mostly due to flat batteries, broken strings, a broken mast and a statement made. Now this “statement made” was Jeremy, who most of you know will be shortly leaving to reside in Mapua. Cliff has bought Jeremys EC12 152, and Jeremy wanted to check the tuning was all correct, so sailed the first heat and blitzed the fleet then parked it away in the clubhouse. Murray (J205) had the biggest disaster with the broken mast, and so it went on.

The weather was fine and warm, but the wind was very shifty with several broaching gusts and our RO Roy, had set a very long course almost from the top jetty right back almost to the other end of the lake. The wind suited this course well as it was unusually straight down the length of the lake rather than coming from the golf course, plus several sailors commented how they liked the course set. The start was split into 2 fleets starting 50 seconds apart.

As usual, Polly was the most consistent performer, but I wasn’t sure who would be second between Rod and Raxy until the results came out, these 3 podium getters all started in the first fleet. The boat that was hard to get a true bearing on was J 321, Peter Bradley, because he started in the second fleet, but was among the leaders several times at the finish, kudos to Peter.

Again, the behaviour was exemplary, so congratulations sailors.

Next weekend the RO’s are Roy and Commodore Chris.


Tom A   Sailing Master

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