Hi all,

The day started with a working bee with lots of volunteers who cleaned up the clubhouse and praise be, that drooping willow tree. Of course there was the odd straggler who arrived after it was all finished, among them the sailing master.

The sausages were good, the wind was good, the day was good, the course was good, the behaviour was good, the podium finishers were good, so it was an all-round good day.

The winner, Clyde Rogers, a new member, was a very impressive addition to the EC12 fleet as his placings show and congratulations to the RO team that set a wonderful course and managed things smoothly except………they kept forgetting to turn off the starter after the heat starts, this is a sure sign of advanced dementia.

Next weeks RO’s are Roy and myself, on Feb 5 it is Roy and Chris K, and on Feb 12 it is Ron B and Polly.

Cheers,  Tom Arthur Sailing Master

Club Racing 22 1 22