Hi all,

Attached are todays results…..and the usual guff which seems to ingratiate itself in the commentary. The RO’s set a good course and did a fine job in race management, even down to the cuppa. Talking about cuppas, recently it is nice to see the sailors setting out the chairs after racing and relaxing over a cup of tea rather than rushing home, we must be getting old.

Of great pleasure to me, was another week with no arguments, rules were broken but exonerated in a gentlemanly manner, it makes sailing a pleasure.

One of the hard-luck stories of the day was cJ276. Glen’s rudder had come rather loose and he didn’t have much control on those quick wind shifts, thus a rather lacklustre result, but I am sure the rest of the sailors think like me…I thought it wonderful. One of the good-luck stories of the day was cJ205, I noticed some pretty slick starts for a beginner with no yachting experience. I thought the highlight of the day was how AL Ross, cJ282, rounded the bottom mark sandwiched between EC 134 and EC150, the 3 boats were millimetres apart, and no contact was made, well sailed you guys.

Now congratulations to the podium finishers: Bob Auton cJ353, a smooth operation today. Barry Bissel, cJ 242, you should have heard Barry’s exultation on winning a heat, myself cJ 146, somehow I kept out of my usual tangles.

Next Saturday relay racing is scheduled, and, I had a few queries from newer members how it works, so edification in general will be thus notified. We take the entries and split them into several teams as near proficiently equal as possible. The first boat in each team start together and then after sailing their short course, the subsequent members proceed and the position of the last boat in each team defines their place for that heat. This carries on during the sailing time so several heats are sailed.

Attached is a copy of the program as many will need reminders thereof, but I hasten to add, the members who have indicated they are not available for any duties I am aware of but currently replacements have not been found, so your names are still residing therein.


Tom Arthur SM

Garrard Pennant 11 12 21