Greetings sailors,

Attached are Saturdays results. Congratulations to the podium finishers, Polly, Cliff and Ralph, few expected Cliff to be on the podium but he proved consistent good places are better than brilliance followed by apathy. Jeremy showed great optimism by sailing his IOM but soon gave that up because of weed tendrils and opted for his EC12….(is that going even worse off?).

When we arrived, the gardens park was overflowing because of an anti-Vaccination protest, but as a retired signwriter, I didn’t think much of the standard of placards I saw.

We had lots of RO’s today, Tom Wilda, Ian Scott, Norm Hill and I, but we had nothing to do with the fact that in the first heat only 2 boats sailed the correct course tsk tsk, however, behaviour was good again.


Here is a little edification for our newer members who will soon be fronting up as Race Officers. When it is your turn as RO or assistant and the weather is bad, it is up to the 2 RO’s to decide whether to proceed or not. If you decide to cancel, then phone the Sailing Master (me) by 9.30am and I will send out the cancellation. The Sailing Master does not get involved with that decision.


Tom A  SM

Club Racing 4 12 21