Sailing during the COVID 19 Pandemic.
First and foremost, please make your own decisions about sailing, regarding risk to yourself and others.
Beginning from the next sailing meet:
  • Sailing can proceed regardless of Red, Orange, or Green traffic light status, providing that the numbers of people attending our events is fewer than 100 (If it is red) and providing our members comply with the following requirements:
  • Members must be vaccinated 
  • Members should stay home if unwell
  • Members MUST scan the QR code on arrival for all club sailing events, or sign in on the written form.
  • No guests or general public are to enter the clubhouse.
  • Only limited chairs to be put out, to prevent public using them.
  • Members must respect others who wish to maintain physical distancing 
  • Members must advise a committee member immediately if they have visited a Covid place of interest, or have had a positive test.  It is probable that this will occur at some time, and we feel that there should be no stigma should this occur.  As such transparency in such an event would be encouraged, so members can take action regarding tests etc.  However, please note that if requested, confidentiality will be respected.
  • All members are required to confirm their vaccination status on the Members Emergency Contact List held in the clubhouse, by entering YES and the members vaccination expiry date in the appropriate columns.
  •  If you wish, you can advise any committee member by any means, with proof of vaccination status and expiry date.
  • Members’ ages will also be added, from the database. This (and the vaccination status) is to assist Emergency Services if they are required.
The Committee will use the following guidelines when deciding if sailing should be cancelled:
In the case of a member discovering they have been at a place of interest or exposed to an infected person:
– if up to 3 days before attending a club event, no action but CMYC will advise members

– if more than 3 days of contact before attending a club event, we will advise members, cancel sailing until the member tests negative, or 14 days if test positive.