Greetings members,

Yesterday was the club cJ champs. It was line honours only (no handicapping) and the day was beautiful and sunny but the wind was changing between SW and E, giving us RO’s a hard time with the courses, however it finally settled East for the last 3 heats. Us RO’s also had a couple of glitches with the computer which lost us 2 heats results. The first glitch was my inattention and the second one was the computer batteries ran flat halfway through a heat. That was the bad news. The good news was that after a hasty call for a RO assistant the day prior, I had 6 people who offered, thanks to all of them for their generosity. Doug Parker was first in and did a fine job. The other good news was that our Dunedin member, Warren Mears, cJ 19, drove up from Dunedin in the morning, sailed with us and then drove home the same day. How’s that for dedication. Plus Roy was back on deck even if he still needed a crutch.


Because we had 18 entries, we split the competitors into 2 fleets with 50 seconds between them, of course their differing times were adjusted  automatically by Peter Knights ingenious computer program, but apart from Polly’s usual excellence I wouldn’t have been prepared to predict the other placings before seeing the results, lots of  boats were up near the front during racing.

A big congratulations to the competitors, their behaviour was excellent, and although there were protests hailed, all were exonerated on the water in good spirit and none came to arbitration.


Tom A.  SM

Club Racing 11 9 21