Greetings CMYCers,
Before settling into todays results, first let me touch on last Saturdays racing. It was a warm afternoon and approximately 8 members turned up. Two members were tuning their boats on the water whilst the RO’s were huddled in deep and meaningful debate over courses starts etc etc. These 2 hardy sailors were Nick Richardson J 170, and Hugh Hobden with a smaller rig on his IOM. During this preparatory time there was spume blowing off the face of the lake and the boats lay helplessly supine upon the briny swells. Obviously the RO’s decided to officiate on the etc etc part of their meaningful machinations with a cancellation just prior to the Botanical gardens staff closing down the park for the day because of danger from windblown trees. This was a sad blow to us who were eagerly awaiting the carnage which was to unfold before our very eyes.
This Saturday was a delightful sailing day and those in high places set long, long, long, long legs on the windward/leeward course. I hasten to say we all thought it was grand. Those exalted persons were RO Ron Campbell and assistant Peter Fisher, a mighty fine job they did too. There were several amusing sayings today which have escaped through the decay of my cranial portions but this one did make me smile. Near on 3.30 Ron announced we would have 1 more heat to which Jim quickly replied “ Oh, are you only having one more”? In the light of the long course length and latish time his facetiousness was duly noted. The behaviour was great and congratulations to those who majestically triumphed on the podium, Polly J 333, Ron J 222 and somehow or other an EC12 sneaked in, Rod.
Tom Arthur…SAILING MASTER of the CMYC…club of champions and idiots.

Club Racing 2 10 21