Greetings members,

Attached are yesterdays race results. It was opening day for the new season and what a beautiful day it was, the sun got so hot that jackets and jerseys were abandoned en masse, we should spare a thought for the IOM sailors who will be soaked and cold during their Canterbury champs at Pegasus today.

Before launching into results, yesterday in the carpark, I found a single key with a label “Unit C”, If anybody owns it contact me.

Now the big upset yesterday was that cJ 150 absolutely annihilated cJ 276, which is its mission in life, no doubt lame excuses like we were on a train trip to Chateau Tongariro will be trundled forth but I don’t take notice of such trivialities.

Yesterday was magnificent sailing, 2 fleet starts and a good course set by RO’s Rodney, Andy and Capon. Capon showed great interest in all proceedings from the boat, even when Andy propelled him over the side.

The behaviour was good again and congratulations to the podium finishers; Ron Bedyn, Rod Liddy and our Sailing Master (wonders never cease).


Next weekend is the AGM so no sailing is scheduled but the following week we have Jeremy and Chris Stricker on duty.



Tom A   S.M

Club Racing 7 8 21